Physics is not restricted to books. Physics is a macro-concept. The universe is governed by the laws of physics. It ranges from micro-concepts like atoms to macro-conceptual galaxies. Our life is governed by laws of physics, hidden from casual eyes! The light, sound, friction, gravitation, pressure, temperature, velocity, electricity and magnetism have all surrounded us. We are stuffed with unending long theories and tedious formulas! Now its time to see, to experience, to link yourself with the fascinating world of physics.

When you join this wonderful exploration of demo experiments in Physics, you will see what is unseen, and unbelievable! Think before you come, for it may make you fall in love with physics; Filter your mind and refresh your soul with what you will see in just 2 hours. You will get astonished to notice that the demos you observed were implemented with the daily life objects put together in a proper manner and with the flavor of physics they create wonders!

To practically experience what you call impossible, to control light, gravity and electricity with not the power of god, but with just the laws of physics!

Welcome to the world of magic, world of demos, world of physics…